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Copy of Headshot. Photo by Fonna Seidu.J


Producer  |  she/they

Dreaming of creating a world where artists and creatives don’t procrastinate, Fonna Seidu swoops in to keep teams on-time and on-budget. Fonna Seidu is dedicated to working on projects that spark social change such as over 45+ unique events across the GTA including multi-city photography exhibitions, running large-scale conferences, to coordinating speaking tours for internationally acclaimed educators.

In 2018, Fonna pivoted from project manager to impact producer after graduating from the Black Youth Pathways to Industry program. Fonna’s first producing credit was on Promise Me, written and directed by award-winning director, Alison Duke. Since then, she’s worked on over 25 commercials and short films with no signs of stopping. In 2020, you will find Fonna working alongside Lu Asfaha on her CBC-funded project, Fresh Meat, co-producing Breakthroughs Film Festival pitch contest winner, Carolyn Wu, on her short film Toe The Line, and production managing Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls, a Telefilm funded feature film.


"I love potatoes in all its forms; cook it, mash it, stick it in a stew (like Samwise in LOTR)."

Fonna Seidu: Team
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