Sound Recordist  |  she/they

Amanda Ann-Min Wong is a filmmaker, sound artist, and musician. In sound, she has recorded, designed, and/or composed for over 35+ films, music, commercial, and fashion videos. As a filmmaker, her debut narrative short Swim Low (2016) was nominated for a Best Canadian Short Award at VAFF. Recent documentary works include An Object of Merit, a film about a Korean-Canadian ceramic artist who dreams of creating traditional Asian folk pottery, and the archival project The Way We Are, created as part of Invisible Footprints 0.3. Amanda has also worked in television research and production for 3+ years.

Originally from Singapore, she now lives in Toronto. In her free time, she loves jamming out with her queer, emo-grunge band, cutsleeve.


"I'm a double pisces, so I love anything to do with water (oceans, swimming, fountains, hydrating)."