queer teen Gloria Chau rediscovers her sense of purpose when she loses her childhood dream: playing Canadian Olympic hockey.


TOE THE LINE follows Gloria Chau, a closeted teenage hockey player. When she's not on the ice, she's got a guitar in her hands and a snapback on her head. Her mother Nancy, a stylish Hong Kong woman, spends sleepless nights worrying about Gloria's failing grades.

Gloria is torn between two worlds: the fun but cutthroat world of hockey where she gets to be loud and proud in her queerness, and the one at home where she's a recluse, using music to cope with being forced into becoming someone she's not. Underlying these tensions is a deep racial divide.

She learns to use the power of her ancestors to seek new purpose and redefine success for herself.


winner of Breakthroughs Film Festival's Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition 2019

semi-finalist for The Future of Film is Female 2021 FIlmmaker Grant

made in partnership with Toronto Arts Council and Purple Dog Post Production



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